24/7 open
7 free spots
24/7 open
7 free spots

A total of 620 parking spaces, around the clock

Parking your vehicle at City Parking is a surprisingly enjoyable experience – for everyone: City Parking provides exceptional safety and security on four brightly lit underground decks designed for vehicles up to 2.10 metres height. Three exits each with two glass lifts and glass stairways that allow daylight to flood down into the underground decks guarantee quick access to the outside world – right into the heart of Zurich.

Guidance system

A highly efficient guidance system directs you from the entrance to your parking space. The system tells you at a distance, and from deck to deck (each has its own colour scheme), how many and specifically which spaces are free. Each parking space is individually monitored, which means that a vacant space is registered as such by the city-wide parking and in-house guidance systems the moment you vacate your space and before you drive out of the exit. As a consequence, free spaces can be filled faster, and waiting times are reduced correspondingly.

European Gold Award

City Parking is ideally located in the heart of the city, a short walk from Bahnhofstrasse, and is one of Europe’s most modern multi-level car parks. It is one of few parking garages in Zurich to hold the international ESPA Gold Award for its extraordinarily high quality standards. City Parking combines state-of-the-art safety, security and convenience and is attractive with a clear open design. Thanks to its advanced guidance system City Parking is remarkably easy to navigate and very user friendly. The European Parking Standard Award (ESPA)


What is the longest I can park?

The maximum parking duration is 96 hours.

Can I pay in euros?

Our 7 pay stations accept both Swiss francs and euros (€ 5, € 10 and € 20 notes). Change is returned in Swiss francs.

Can I pay by credit card?

Our 7 pay stations accept Eurocard/Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Maestro (EC), Postcard and Manor MyOne cards.

Are there any discounts for frequent parkers?

A rechargeable value card gives you 10 % off the regular price. A CHF 300 card gives you parking time worth CHF 330 (a CHF 500 card gives you parking time worth CHF 550). Value cards can be purchased at the City Parking operating centre (Löwenplatz exit).

Who do I contact if I want to use the Accompany-Me-To-My-Car service?

The City Parking operating centre on the intermediate deck at the Löwenplatz exit is staffed round the clock. This service is provided by the Securitas security company between 11 pm and 6 am. You can contact our operating centre at the touch of a button at any pay station or at both the entrance and exit.

Where are the toilets and how do I use them?

Toilets with baby changing facilities are located directly by the operating centre (intermediate deck, Löwenplatz exit). To ensure your safety and security, and ours, these toilets are reserved for City Parking customers only. To unlock the door, simply type in the six-figure code printed on your parking ticket. Please contact a member of our staff if you have any questions.

How current is information about free spaces?

Our highly efficient internal guidance system displays available free spaces in real time. Each parking space is individually monitored by a sensor. The system registers the updated information as soon as a space is occupied or vacated. Information provided to the external City of Zürich parking guidance system is updated every 60 seconds.

What is the "Drive-In Gallery"?

We offer the world's first drive-in art gallery - an exhibition of over 400 works by professional photographs, illustrators and prominent figures of sport and culture, each presented in a 1 sqm format, individually or in series. Discover pictures by photographer Alberto Venzago, actress Nicole Kidman, footballer Alessandro del Piero, fashion designer Vivienne Westwood and many more. This new slant on "Art for Architecture" creates a positive experience for our users, adding to the feeling of safety and security.

How does one build a car park like this, in the middle of the city?

City Parking is a model of innovative planning, engineering and teamwork. The lack of space, the sensitive historical environment, the urgent need to avoid disruption to traffic at the surface - these were just some of the challenges to be overcome in this particular underground construction project. The loose sand-gravel substrate imposed the use of a multiphase procedure based on the top-down technique. The car park is entirely below groundwater level from the second basement down, and had to be "dried out" using 14,600 square metres of slotted walls. 81 piles, 10 filter wells, 2,200 tonnes of steel, 26,000 cubic metres of concrete and 15,800 square metres of flooring – these are just a few of the figures giving an idea of the enormity of this ambitious project. The slotted walls forming the lateral limits of the car park have been left undressed and visible. Their rough, sedimentary appearance provides an effective contrast with the brightly illuminated stairways in smooth glass and concrete.

Who owns City Parking?

City Parking was built by City Parkhaus AG and is operated by the same company. The 155 shareholders include 69 retail and service companies based in the city, 4 banks, 4 department stores and 77 private individuals. The City of Zürich also holds a small number of shares. The Managing Director of City Parkhaus AG is Andreas Zürcher, Attorney-at-Law, Löwenstrasse 61, CH-8021 Zürich (T +41 44 224 66 12).

Can I reserve spaces or negotiate special terms for large events?

Please contact the Managing Director of City Parkhaus AG to discuss your requirements: Mr Andreas Zürcher, Attorney-at-Law, T +41 44 224 66 12.

What is the maximum vehicle height?

The maximum vehicle height is 2.10 m.

How long does City Parking remain open at night?

City Parking provides personal customer care 24 hours a day, all year round.

How much does an hour's parking cost?

Parking costs CHF 4.– per hour from Monday to Saturday, 7 am to midnight. The rate drops to CHF 2.– per hour between midnight and 7 am. A reduced fee of CHF 2.– per hour also applies on Sundays and Bank holidays between 7 am and midnight. Parking fees are calculated per half hour. The maximum fee per day is CHF 40.–. A value card gives you 10% off the regular rates. Cards can be purchased at the City Parking operating centre at the Löwenplatz exit.