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Safe, secure and comfortable – welcome to the feelgood parking garage

We spare no effort to make sure your City Parking experience is a good one, in every respect. We want you to feel absolutely safe and at ease:

  • The operating centre at the Löwenplatz exit is staffed around the clock. One of our operatives will be happy to accompany you to your car. Just ask!
  • Specially marked parking spaces for women are situated by the central (theatre) exit on every level. Of course all the other parking areas are also brightly illuminated by LED lighting, and the abundance of glass elements in the stairways means that daylight floods all the way down to the lowest parking deck. Moreover, you can see the nearest exit from any parking space.
  • A total of 46 colour security cameras keep every corner of City Parking under surveillance. On top of that, there is quite simply nowhere for someone to hide. The support pillars on the parking decks are so slender that any attempt to hide behind one would be a waste of time and effort.
  • Distributed throughout the four decks are 13 intercom stations and 16 emergency alarms. Eight radar devices with speed displays warn drivers if they are exceeding the 20km/h limit.
  • For your convenience and safety, mobile phones function on all parking levels. Right down to the lowest deck, no matter which provider you use.
  • And we want the City Parking experience to be a good one for your car, too – all the support pillars are sheathed in a Parkflex® system to help protect vehicles from annoying (and costly) scrapes and scratches.