24/7 open
6 free spots

Energy efficient and innovative

City Parking is a leader in environmental sustainability, too:

  • The ecobalance of LED lighting is excellent.
  • LED lamps consume six times less electricity than conventional light bulbs.
  • LED lamps do not contain mercury or other hazardous materials.
  • LED lamps do not fall into the disposal category ‘special waste’.
  • City Parking provides a number of charging stations for electric vehicles.
  • An outdoor charging facility for e-bikes next to the parking garage is in the planning stage.


In the 4th basement of the City Parking there are four AC charging stations at your disposal. Each of the charging stations has a charging capacity of 22 KW. Payment can be easily made by credit card, a service provided by Intercharge. There exists also the possibility to pay by way of subscription with the following electro mobility providers: Ostmobil (SGSW, Electrodrive (EWB), Energy4drive (VKE), lischi Energie (ENBAG), ELMO (AEK), MOVE Groupe E as well as all connected MOVE Partners. The installed charging stations in the City Parking are also part of the E-Grand Tour of Switzerland.

Electric car drivers have easy and safe access to the charging stations in the City Parking:

  • Access to all charging stations of the easy4you-network and to almost 6’000 charging points within Europe.
  • There is no need for pre-announcement to charge your car.
  • Due to RFID, App or QR-Code (for occasional users by way of Intercharge direct / credit card) there is access for everybody.
  • 7x24 Helpline +41 800 99 44 99 inclusive Road-Assistance-Hotline.